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Joe F Vecchio Asphalt Maintenance in Pharr, TX

For all jobs related to asphalt, you can count on Joe F. Vecchio Asphalt Maintenance in Pharr, Texas to come through for you for an affordable price.

Asphalt Contractor

When it comes to maintenance, there are usually, and quite unfortunately, many things that go overlooked. One such thing that is frequently forgotten is asphalt paving or asphalt surfaces.

Asphalt Repair

It’s time to call the best asphalt contractor you can find to help you finally get that driveway fixed so you don’t have to keep worrying about driving through potholes or tripping because of them.

Asphalt Contractor in Pharr, Texas

Used in more than 90% of the nation's roadways, as well as on parking lots, airports, and driveways, asphalt is the most commonly used paving material in the United States. Asphalt provides many different benefits that make it a popular choice amongst many, whether it comes to industrial, commercial or residential purposes. Some benefits to the use of asphalt include but are not limited to: cost efficiency, noise reduction (asphalt can absorb sound waves to a degree), and a smooth surface to drive on. However, despite its excellent durability, which is a major factor in its popularity, asphalt is still subject to daily wear and tear, especially when put through rigorous use. At the same time, it is also susceptible to damage from the elements—harsh sun, heavy rains and snows, and changing temperatures can all affect the material. Further, as with any structure, routine maintenance and quick attention to damage are necessary to get the most use out of the surface. External factors–notably weather and traffic–take their toll. As a result, asphalt sealcoating, crack repair, and general repair and maintenance are among the essential functions of an asphalt contractor's job.

Joe F Vecchio Asphalt Maintenance is proud to serve Pharr, Texas and its surrounding areas. While we do work as general asphalt contractors, our specialty is asphalt repair and maintenance. It doesn’t matter if you need asphalt striping or asphalt crack repairs, Joe F Vecchio is a top asphalt contractor here to help you get things fixed and back in tip top shape. We've built our business on the foundations of honesty, reliability, and dedication to our customers. So don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need help with any and all of your asphalt needs- we’re only just a mere phone call or e-mail away.